Words matter.

We help people connect with meaning.

Real people, complemented by technology.

Nothing compares with human touch, and nothing delivers like stellar technology. The marriage between our elite team of certified linguists and cutting-edge translation localization solutions wasn't made in heaven, but the results can make you wonder. Use the Come Alive Client Boutique to tap into the bliss, a simple site where you can create projects, track status, download deliverables and ask questions any time, anywhere.

Come Alive interpreter Ahn P.

Come Alive interpreter Ahn P.

The best, for the best.

The credentials held by our intimate team of committed language-lovers exceed every industry standard. Whether you need us to rhythmically nail the lyrics to a Broadway musical score, transfer nuance in a critical medical report, cleverly relay the double entendre in a Sundance film documentary, or stand-by-your-person at an historic diplomatic summit, we make sure the message, flavor, tone and intent reach your target audience.

Come Alive HQs circa 1985.

A tradition of excellence.

Come Alive was founded back in 1985 in a dorm room at Stanford University and later moved to its first headquarters in the small town of West Grove, Pennsylvania. We’ve had a simple rule all along: every word matters. Over 35 years later, more people than ever trust us to get their messages across.

Come Alive HQs circa 1985.

Our Services


Following ISO standards, our established teams of certified linguists and excellent writers use talent, tech and teamwork to deliver luxury, five star connection.


We leverage cutting-edge technology solutions to sync, streamline, accelerate and automate multilingual content distribution in real time.


Our caring, certified linguists provide in-person, over-the-phone (OPI) or video remote (VRI) interpreting via browser or app.

Mix and match to fit your needs


Websites, ads, slogans and promotional materials


Real connection from the classroom to the boardroom


Certified translations for critical communications or important everyday needs

Films, Multimedia

Native, meaningful subtitling, dubbing or voice-over for any region

Music, Literature

Poetic "transcreation" that goes beyond the literal to delight the senses


Custom-crafted technical, academic or motivational presentations


Interpreter support for conferences, summits, trade shows or interviews


Expand websites, apps, platforms and programs to new markets


Court-certified linguists for oral testimony or written documents

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