Don't ask yourself what the world needs,
ask yourself what makes you COME ALIVE.
Then go do that!
Because what the world needs is people
who have COME ALIVE.

-- Harold Whitman --


Toto, we're not in the ‘90s anymore.

Big, brand-new translation companies are:

  • hiring inexperienced bilinguals
  • rushing to learn new translation technologies
  • competing to do “translations” faster and cheaper
  • implementing language software as technicians, not linguists

At Come Alive, we’ve been in the business of language since 1986. And we know better.


Change is a good thing. New language technologies and tools have revolutionized the language services industry.

However, when a contract, an important campaign or even a life is on the line – no translation technology is safe in the hands of an unqualified linguist.

Skilled, certified multilingual professionals who are also excellent writers and trained in the use of cutting-edge tools are more vital than ever. Add passion, creativity and appreciation to the list of credentials, and such professionals are few and far between.

At Come Alive Communications, we are not a translation factory churning out words and documents that we barely read. We are an elite group of passionate, full-time linguists with the highest industry credentials. Our editorial team is intimately familiar with each translator’s strengths and styles. Many of us have worked together for decades, kind of like a constantly-improving sports team that really gets along. We enjoy the challenge and the business of language (and few of us can resist a good word joke).

We are not huge, so don’t expect us to forget your name, to machine-translate or outsource your document, or to treat your project like a number. Who wrote your marketing copy, anyway? Who dictated the medical report, crafted that case brief or developed the technical manual for your new electronic device? A robot? Or you?

Despite our boutique-quality service, Come Alive Communications carries industry-leading, "Errors and Omissions" professional liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000, though we have never had a single claim since our inception in 1986.

Moreover, we are fully ISO 9001:2008 compliant and conduct all projects in accordance with this industry-leading standard. Our translation teams work three full shifts and regularly handle huge, demanding projects overnight. We don’t rush our work or dilute our efforts to comply; we simply expand the size of our project teams, which are always led by qualified linguists themselves.

We consistently implement emerging technologies to reinforce the human translation process, update client terminology databases to support future projects, and stay at the forefront of language and technology training.

While other companies see translations as widgets, we see words as power-packed bullets that can lead to our clients' success or demise.


So what’ll it be?


Bang, bang! You’re dead!


Ding, ding! You win!


You decide.

Partial List of Services:


Certified Translation (bona fide, industry-leading certified linguists, not self-appointing individuals with “certificates”)

Certified Interpretation (on-site, telephonic, Skype)

Literary Translation (movies, novels, lyrics, scripts, poetry, etc.)

Voiceover and Dubbing (robust, in-house studio with on-site, multilingual video editing and engineering)

Bilingual training, seminars and motivational speaking (provide your goals, content and materials, and we will provide the training and motivation)

Multilingual Publishing (websites, brochures, books, pamphlets, etc.)


Consulting (language-related processes, programs, software, cross-cultural marketing and impact)

*To survey our competitors’ processes and standards, Come Alive annually accepts approximately 2% of the hundreds of project requests it receives from outside translation companies.

Observations and recommendations from this internal research are consistently evaluated in an effort to improve our own processes, quality control and customer service. Some of our observations include:

  1. Many of the industry’s largest translation “vendors” or “agencies” customarily implement impersonal processes that are at times overly-rushed or dangerously flawed. As active members of their “teams,” we have had no idea whom we are working with, what the credentials of our “partners” are, who the client is, what they’ve already translated or what, ultimately, the client’s goal is with the requested translation.
  2. We have been frequently asked to “correct” or “fix” documents that have been altogether mistranslated.
  3. Occasionally, we are even asked to have members of our certified linguist staff “edit” or “certify” documents we have many problems with. This represents an unethical professional request with which we have unequivocally refused to comply.
  4. We’ve been urged to look over documents “as fast as possible” or to “just quickly approve” them to meet a deadline.
  5. In many cases, we have had to decline jobs mid-project. Our respect for words and the process of translation is too high.

Come Alive’s well-rounded, Master Linguists have an uncanny insight regarding the artistic and technical challenges of moving messages into new languages (and cultures!). It is our life’s work. We enjoy it. We take it seriously. It is who we are.

We appreciate our clients' trust and work hard to keep it.

"We read every word."