Suffering from a multilingual headache?

Relax! Because we won’t.


So, you need that message of yours to hit the mark. OK, but how?

You want people – your audience, clients or potential clients – to say,


“Wow! I get that! I need that! I felt that… I want that…”

How will you take them there?

A website?

A nice, tactile brochure? (Don’t you miss those…?)

A 60-second promo video?

An emotionally-stirring voiceover?

A novel?

An app?

(And by the way, in what language(s)?)

Many questions arise when planning outreach to multilingual audiences. In the wrong hands, those questions can lead to costly – even devastating – mistakes.

Managing multilingual content can be a daunting task. Effectively handling and transmitting content in numerous languages – for diverse audiences but for a singular goal – is both an art and a science, one which requires not only expertise and experience, but state-of-the-art equipment and software as well.

Come Alive is a modern multimedia firm. We can help plot your project from start to finish, leading you step by step through everything from consultation, design and strategic planning to implementation and follow-up. Whether your project is for print, video, the internet, CD, DVD or other media, Come Alive’s Department of Multilingual Multimedia works in conjunction with Translation and Editing to help you deliver, educate or transmit across all major multimedia platforms.

Partial List of Services:


Certified Translation (bona fide, industry-leading certified linguists, not self-appointing individuals with “certificates”)

Certified Interpretation (on-site, telephonic, Skype)

Literary Translation (movies, novels, lyrics, scripts, poetry, etc.)

Voiceover and Dubbing (robust, in-house studio with on-site, multilingual video editing and engineering)

Bilingual training, seminars and motivational speaking (provide your goals, content and materials, and we will provide the training and motivation)

Multilingual Publishing (websites, brochures, books, pamphlets, etc.)


Consulting (Language-related processes, programs, software, cross-cultural marketing and impact)